Red, White, Blue, and Burlap Mason Jars

burlap mason jars maria provenzano

burlap mason jar


Mason Jars


Mason Jars; whatever size you like

Burlap ribbon; 5-inches in width

Red, White, and Blue ribbon; about 1 to 1 ½ -inches in width

White paint

Small paint bruch

glue gun



*Measure the burlap ribbon around the mason jar and cut to fit around the size of the jar you chose

*Once you measured how long it will be around the jar, cut the burlap ribbon in half lengthwise so that there are two long strips

*Wrap one of the burlap strips around the mason jar and secure it carefully onto the jar with a glue gun

*Do the same thing with the other strip of burlap onto another jar

*Measure a red, white, or blue ribbon the same way you measured the mason jar; secure it onto the center of the burlap ribbon with a glue gun

*Decorate with red and white twine or a burlap star

*To make a burlap star, lay a cut sheet of burlap ribbon onto a covered surface like wax paper

*Using the white paint and paint brush to freehand paint the shape of a star onto the burlap; two coats

*Allow the painted stars to dry

*Once dry, cut the white burlap stars out using scissors

*Place them onto the center of the decorated mason jars with a glue gun

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burlap mason jar 8

burlap mason jar 12

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