Halloween Kids Craft

Halloween Craft

I have been looking for any way to do a Halloween craft with Grant, but he’s only 13 months and he’s running all over the place.  The last thing I’m going to be able to do with him is have him sit for a craft… a mom can dream right!? Soooo I came up with a way that I could at least document this Halloween in a fun way with him since he was only a month old last Halloween.  Handprints and footprints are so cute and it’s crazy to see how much they grow each year.  These prints would be fun to make every Halloween and then make a little pathway with them as they get older.  The older the kids get then they can paint and decorated these themselves.  These prints are SUPER easy!  It’s flour, salt, water, and paint!  Such a perfect way to create a Halloween memory.

halloween kid craft

Halloween Kids Prints

makes 2-3 large prints depending on the size of the hands and/or feet

1 cup flour

1 cup salt

1/2 cup water

paint colors of choice

paint brushes or foam brushes

How T0:

*Preheat your oven to 200 degrees

*Line a baking sheet with parchment paper

*In a large bowl combine the salt and flour

*Start to slowly pour the water into the mixture while stirring it with a spatula

*Add enough water to make a dough but not too wet; you may not need all of the water or you may need more

*If it gets too sticky you can add more flour

*Once the dough comes together place it on a floured surface and knead a bit to make it more of a smooth dough

*Split the dough in half or as many as you plan on making

*Flatten out each disk; you can do this with your hands or a rolling pin to make it more smooth

*You want to make sure the dough is thick enough to make an imprint

*Place the disk of dough onto the baking sheet

*Place your child’s hand or foot onto the flattened disk and help press down so that it leaves an imprint

*If it doesn’t work (because kids are squirmy) you can re-roll the dough and try over and over again; I had to do this a bunch so don’t worry… just make sure you have a floured surface to help precent it from getting too sticky

*Because I had to re-roll it a few times I just used my hands which made it not have a super smooth finish BUT that gives it character!

*For the pumpkin I simply shaped it into a pumpkin using my hands and added a bit more dough at the top to make a stem

*Once you get a good print onto the dough place the baking sheet into the oven

*Bake for 3-4 hours depending on the thickness of the dough that you rolled out; you want to make it it’s hard and not soggy

*Allow to cool completely

*Paint! I painted the hand and foot first then painted the rest of the disk

*Once it dries you can go back in and perfect the shape of the hand and foot

*Allow to dry completely

*Then you can write “BOO!” and/or the name and date

*These are cute as plaques for display or they would be a good gift for a parent to have at their work

halloween kid craft 4

bottle of boos 3

halloween kid craft 10

halloween kid craft

halloween kid craft

halloween kid craft 4

bottle of boos 3

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  1. Hi Crafty Lady! Hope you weren’t affected by this firestorm and all are safe! Please let me know how you succeeded to do the toilet paper rings that you made into pumpkins. I deleted (oops!) the episode and can’t seem to find the info or directions…Thanks! Time Sensitive…hope you are all well! Please let us know, by saying something about it on camera…you guys show life is lovely on your show, but we do like to know you’re not from “Stepford”…

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