DIY Marbled Jewelry Holder

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I’m always looking for places to put my jewelry (especially rings), when I am in the kitchen cooking and baking or working at my desk. I also have pieces of jewelry I like to wear every single day, which I don’t want to store and take out each day. These DIY Marbled Jewelry Holders are the perfect little dish for your ‘everyday’ jewelry!

The marbled look and gold finish make these look very fancy, but are made from clay and paint. You can also customize them with whatever colors you like! When shopping for the clay, either pick a couple of specific colors, or get a box that has a variety of colors you can mix and match. You will need at least two colors to create the marbled look.

It’s really fun to make, and even a craft you can do with kids. These jewelry holders are something to keep in mind as a gift for Mother’s Day, any holiday, or birthday as well.

DIY Marbled Jewelry Holders

clay; as many colors as you like; make sure to find a kind that is “oven-bake”

gold acrylic paint

a cup or something oven safe to place the clay on


*Choose at least two different colors of clay

*Roll out on a covered surface (I like the silicone mats that I roll out pie dough on) into a long strip

*Repeat with the other colors

*Place them together and roll into one piece

*Fold it in half

*Roll it out again; and fold in half and roll again (see pictures below)

*Roll until it creates a “marbled” look

*Use your hands to press the clay into a round shape; you can also place it between two sheets of wax paper and roll it out with a rolling pin

*Once it’s the size you like find a cup, or anything oven safe, that you can form the clay over

*Place the cup covered with clay onto a baking sheet

*Follow the directions on the box to bake the clay

*Once the baked clay has cooled you can paint the rim with gold paint; two coats

*Allow to dry completely and you have your own marbled jewelry holders

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