DIY Easter Floral Decor with PEEPS!

It isn’t Easter without PEEPS!

DIY Easter Floral Decor with PEEPS!

This adorable candy doubles as a perfect addition to Easter décor!

I always have to have flowers around my house, both real and faux. I use faux flowers a lot with crafting and decorating, because I can use them over and over again. They give that great fresh look without going bad. I know it can sound cheesy, but they really make such great faux flowers now that it doesn’t look like they are even fake!

This DIY Easter Floral Decor with PEEPS is a really simple and easy last minute craft to do in time for Easter! All you really need is a vase, some candy, PEEPS, and faux flowers. You can get as creative as you want with this! You can decorate a HUGE vase, or even something really tiny to have at each place setting at your Easter table.

I filled this vase with my ultimate favorite Easter candy…Cadbury eggs!! These things are the bane of my existence! I can do really well leaving them alone, but the second I have ONE, I am done for. There is just something about that crunch on the outside, and the chocolate center that I can’t help but love. I mean seriously…

DIY Easter Floral Decor with PEEPS!

In an effort to NOT eat them, I put them in the bottom of the vase! I topped the eggs with edible grass, which I am still amazed by. It looks like the fake grass that you put in Easter baskets, BUT you can actually eat it! How brilliant is that? Then, I added in the peeps, and topped it off with faux pink peonies.

DIY Easter Floral Decor with PEEPS!



Easter candy; your choice!


edible grass 

faux flowers


*Fill the vase with candy

*Add in the PEEPS

*Make sure that when you are doing this, leave the center of the vase open enough to add in the stems of the faux flowers

*Place the faux flowers into the top of the vase

DIY Easter Floral Decor with PEEPS!

DIY Easter Floral Decor with PEEPS!

DIY Easter Floral Decor with PEEPS!

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