Burlap Heart Headbands

heart headband

 When it comes to the holidays I love dress up even if it’s just doing something small. When I was working in the salon we always had fun dressing up for whatever holiday it was… hearts for Valentine’s, green for St. Patrick’s Day, etc.  Now that I am home I spend so much time decorating my place instead.  So, I am making an effort this Valentine’s week to go out and share some of the fun baking I have been doing and add some hearts to my pink/red attire on Valentine’s Day.  That’s what it’s all about right?  You have all seen the cute burlap projects I have done in the past and I thought that I would relive the fun Halloween Headbands with these Burlap Heart Headbands for Valentine’s Day.  Little girls would love to wear these and little boys could pin them on their shirts as a boutonniere (click here for my tutorial on how to make a baby headband).

burlap heart headbands

Burlap Heart Headbands

 Burlap; I used a 5 inch wide ribbon from Michael’s

Acrylic craft paint; any colors you like

 paint brush


headbands; I ordered a pack of thin black headbands from Amazon.com


*Place the burlap onto a covered surface

*Paint a heart onto the burlap

*Allow to dry completely

*Paint another coat if you feel like it needs it

*Allow to dry

*Cut the shapes out with scissors

*Glue the burlap hearts onto the headbands with a glue gun

*Allow to dry completely

burlap heart headbands

heart headband 3

heart headband 2

heart headband 1

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