Weekly Favorites For Toddlers

Weekly Favorites For Toddlers

Ok… I know I haven’t done a “Weekly Favorites” in awhile, but I have been so sick! This year has been crazy so far in terms of health. Between me, my son, and my husband, I don’t think we have gone more than a week without someone getting sick, and usually it has been me! With this being my son’s first flu season at school, I think all of our immune systems had to get used to it. Needless to say, it has been a tough year, but now it is April, and we are starting to get warmer weather…and hopefully we are over the sickness. I am beyond ready for Spring/Summer! We have had some warm days here and there just teasing us! Here is what I am loving right now for Grant, and a couple “mommy things” in there as well. Mom’s do the hard work, so we need fun new things too!

Weekly Favorites For Toddlers

Little Green Kid’s Conditioning Detangler; I really like this brand. It is safe, gentle, and pure. I also love the smell. This detangler works as a conditioner as well. Since my son’s hair doesn’t get tangled, that is what we use it for. I LOVE how soft it makes his hair feel.

Little Green Kid’s Shampoo and Body Wash; The same goes for the body wash. It is light and fresh, and gets the dirt off.

Puzzles ; Grant is 2 2/1 now, and puzzles are a really good toy for him to play with for a number of reasons. It allows his brain to constantly be thinking of numbers, shapes, etc. He loves playing with the ones pictured, and even regular (large) puzzle pieces.

Natives Shoes; These are great for warmer weather, because they slip on, they don’t need socks, and they allow your toddler’s feet to get some air, which keeps your child cooler on warm days.

Babyganics Sunscreen; I love this sunscreen. I even use it on myself! We put this on Grant every morning before school, and even use it in his hair as a hair product. It is pretty thick, so it styles his hair nicely!

 Babyganic Wipes; I buy the biggest pack of these that I can find. I use these all of the time. There is a plastic bag with these wipes in it in my car, purse, stroller, you name it, I have wipes in it. I ALWAYS need a wipe for Grant (toddlers are so messy), and these are great because you can use them for their face and hands as well.

Weekly Favorites For Toddlers

Scooter; If your toddler doesn’t have this, get it! All toddlers love these, and it is good to teach them coordination and balance, among other things! It is really fun!

Blue and White Jumpsuit; Ok…moms need new things too. I love wearing jumpsuits when I need to dress up AND be with my son, because wearing a dress and heels is tough when you are chasing around a toddler. Jumpsuits allow you to look dressed up, but allow you the freedom to bend over and not flash everyone around you.

Hat; With sunny days on the horizon, hats are a necessity. Wear sunscreen and hats to protect your skin!! Skin cancer is no joke people, and your babies need you to be around as long as possible, so take care of your pretty skin…especially your face! These gorgeous Sunglasses will help with that as well.

Weekly Favorites For Toddlers

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