Weekly Favorites

I love how this time of year feels. Even though I’m not in school, there is that “back to school” energy in the air. The carefree summer starts to dwindle away, and fall colors start to pop up everywhere. When seasons change, it always feels like a fresh start, and it makes me reset, and get newly inspired when it comes to cooking, crafting, and baking. We made the big decision to start my son in school this year, so I actually have that protective new mom feel again, where I am sending my baby (who is no longer a baby) away to go and have fun all day. I am excited and scared, like all moms I’m sure. In the meantime, I am focusing on getting some really fun fall recipes and crafts out to you all! This week’s favorites are inspired by how many things I have on my to do list, and how many cards I have been writing, because it is always nice to write on pretty paper!

weekly favorites

Weekly Favorites

Topshop Playsuit; This runs a little small, so get a size up. I love this little playsuit by Topshop! The boho, off-the-shoulder, fall look is really fun to wear. I like wearing these playsuits when I need to “dress nice,” but still have my son with me, because I am always chasing him around, bending over, etc. and wearing a dress can be limiting. The playsuit is really comfortable, it allows for more movement, and looks just as nice as a dress.

Sugar Paper Thank You Cards; I still like sending handwritten thank you cards. Sugar Paper is a great company! We actually used them to do our wedding invitations a few years ago. This rustic/chic style is really pretty.

Sugar Paper To Do List;  I go through these things so fast! If you are a list writer like me, then you need this too.

Sugar Paper Sassy Note Set; How cute are these? I love animal print touches for fall. This blank stationary is good to have around for any occasion.

Sur La Table Pumpkin Pie Dish; Another reason to start making pie! I love the style of this pie dish for “pie season” coming up.

Pottery Barn Pumpkin Patch Pillow; I have this pillow and love it!! It is just so cute, and another reason to love fall decor. I walked past the Pottery Barn store recently and they have all their fall and Halloween decorations out… I just melt!

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