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thankful banner

I’m pretty sure I have an obsession with burlap!  I love how rustic yet elegant it looks.  The patio at our new place gives me so much more opportunity to decorate so lots of painting and burlap have since followed.  It started with the burlap candy corn banner and has only gotten worse.  With Thanksgiving coming soon I want to soak up as much fall decor as I possibly can… the more orange the better!  I found a great fall wreath at Michael’s for our front door that I apparently couldn’t live without and then thought it would be fun to make a couple wreaths to go with the burlap banner on the patio.  This is really easy!  It doesn’t require as much measuring and cutting as it looks.

If you want the banner to have that pretty fall look you can add leaves from the craft store OR if you live in a place that has pretty leaves you can dry them and then glue them onto the banner.  Since I live in Southern California and we don’t have those pretty color changes I used some leaves from Michael’s.  Feel free to get creative and add anything you like.  The glue gun will be your friend with this project if you are planning on making the wreaths.  To paint the banner I highly recommend getting a legit paint brush that is stiff with a sharp edge instead of using a foam paint brush.  This will help create more of a pretty finished look where the foam brush doesn’t do that.  I also freehanded the letters, but feel free to print out letters to trace if you feel more comfortable having a guide.

thankful banner

My Fall wreath from Michael's

Thankful Burlap Banner:

8 sheets of 9 x 9 1/2 inch pieces of burlap; I ordered a large sheet on Amazon and cut it myself


ribbon; I used twine to tie them together

black paint; or color of choice

paint brush; use a stiffer brush with a sharp edge instead of a foam brush

leaves; either dried or from the craft supply

2 grapevine wreaths; you can get these at the craft suppy

a roll of burlap ribbon

a glue gun; you can try regular glue, but I can’t guarantee it will work as well

How To:

*Cut all of your banner pieces

*Cut out a triangle at the bottom of the piece of burlap starting at each edge then meeting in the center

*Place the pieces of burlap onto a surface you can paint onto without getting ruined

*Use the paint brush to paint a letter onto each of the pieces of burlap

*Allow to dry completely

*Once dry use the scissors to cut a small slit onto the top corners of each of the pieces of burlap; make the cut about an inch or so away from the edge otherwise you could risk the sides fraying

*Cut a small piece of the twine (or ribbon) and thread through the back of two of the burlap pieces

*Tie together in the front making a bow (see pictures)

*Do this with each piece of burlap until the word is spelled out

*Lay the banner out flat and place the leaves where you are going to want to glue them

*Heat up your glue gun and glue each leaf onto the burlap as planned

*Put the banner up!!

*When putting it up make sure you are not pulling it too much AND make sure it has enough support once hung.  You do not want any part of it hanging too long because it can pull on the fabric and tear!

*Once the banner is up make the wreaths making sure you have enough room to place them on each side of the banner

*The size of the wreath is completely up to you and how much space you have

*Make a bow with the burlap ribbon

*Use the hot glue gun to glue the ribbon onto the wreath

*Then glue more leaves onto the wreath around the bow using the glue gun as well

*Hang the wreaths up on each side of the banner

*I simply hung mine using tacks!! It seemed to hold it really well, but you can use a nail if you wish!

thankful 9

thankful 8

thankful 7

thankful 3

thankful 4

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  1. I love this craft idea too! I like being able to use up my burlap. We used by the roll to make our miniature cotton bales. You can probably imagine how much we had to pay for the roll.
    Will most definitely do for Thanksgiving

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