St. Patrick’s Day DIY Flower Beer

flower beer st patricks day

 I love having fresh flowers around!  I know that having green flowers around for St. Patrick’s Day is the normal thing to do, but I thought it would be fun to add a different kind of decoration.  With beer being the drink of choice for St. Patrick’s Day this DIY pays homage to the time honored tradition by making beer pretty.  Yes… I made beer pretty.  These really easy flower beer mugs are a fun addition to your St. Patrick’s Day decor.  They add a bit of freshness and are a nice change from all of the green.

St. Patrick’s Day DIY Flower Beer

beer mugs

yellow colored tissue paper

white flowers; hydrangeas or carnations work best

small ziplock bags

rubber bands


*Placed a sheet of yellow tissue paper around the inside of the glass leaving the center open

*Cut a hydrangea so that it would fit inside the glass

*Put a little bit of water into the ziplock back

*Wrap the bottom of the cut stem with the ziplock bag that has some water in it so that the stem is touching the water

*Tie the top with the rubber band

*Place the makeshift ziplock vase into the center of the beer mug

*Be careful not to fill the bag with too much water or it will squeeze out when you put it in the mug

flower beer




flower beer

flower beer 3

flower beer 4

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