Pink Breakfast Yogurt and Granola

pink yogurt

 Do I really need an excuse to want my breakfast to be pink?  Valentine’s Day is coming up!! That works…

I always see “pink” yogurts in the grocery store and they have about a million ingredients, fake colors, fake flavors, and processed sugars.  Some of these are even for kids.  I was thinking a pink breakfast parfaits for Valentine’s Day would be a cute idea, but I wanted to find a better way to do it.  I simply bought unsweetened greek yogurt, poured over some fresh raspberries, and then smashed them with a fork to release the bright juices.  This created a really pretty blush color that required nothing fake!  It’s the best way to have a healthy naturally colored and flavored yogurt.  I like making these breakfast parfaits with my homemade granola for a breakfast on the go OR just a breakfast at home.

pink yogurt

Pink Breakfast Yogurt and Granola

3/4 – 1 cup unsweetened greek yogurt

1/2 cup (or more) fresh raspberries

1/2 cup (or more if you like) granola (I like using homemade granola)


*Combine the raspberries and greek yogurt together

*Use a fork to smash the raspberries to release their juices to color the yogurt

*Use a spatula to make sure everything is combine and well-mixed

*If you want to make this a parfait they are really cute in mason jars

*Layer the yogurt, then granola, then yogurt, and granola… until you reach the top!

pink yogurt

pink yogurt 10

pink yogurt 6

pink yogurt 4
pink yogurt 9



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