Little Green: Safe-Gentle-Pure


It is amazing how careful women become when they are pregnant. We think about every bite of food we eat, what we put in our hair, and on our skin. THEN the baby comes, and we can’t stop worrying about what we feed them and put on their skin. My poor son, I am always making sure he has sunscreen on. He has zero chance of getting a decent tan. I was approached by this really sweet company who wanted to see if I was interested in trying out their products. Little Green is a skincare collection free of gluten, parabens and sulfates. So, it is really gentle on babies’ sensitive skin. I wouldn’t work with a brand unless it was something I would actually use on myself and my son. I fell in love with this line after the first use.

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I have tried almost every baby lotion out there, I’m not even kidding. The one from Little Green is really smooth and silky, and doesn’t leave my son’s skin oily or sticky. It moisturizes his skin really well, and the best part is the smell. At first, I wasn’t crazy about using something that had a scent to it, but that quickly changed when I used it after my son’s bath. Smelling the clean scent as he sat on my lap drinking milk before bed, was quite calming for both of us. It started to become something I looked forward to every night.

The other product I am excited to talk to other moms about is their conditioning hair detangler. I LOVE this stuff! Ok, so my son doesn’t have much hair, but I could never fully understand why they don’t make conditioners for babies. After years of working in salons, doing hair, and being a product junkie, I know that it is important to add moisture back into the scalp after rising away the skin’s natural oils. Now, this hair detangler would be great for kids who have lots of hair, but I actually use it on my son’s hair every night after his bath, and have found his hair and scalp to be much softer and healthier looking. We simply spray a couple sprays and comb it through his hair. He loves combing his hair now as well.

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As you know, I love sharing information about companies that I truly believe in and would use myself. Little Green is such a cute company that is geared towards moms who are really trying to do their best to protect their kids. I want to try all of their products now! They have a soothing balm for dry spots and chapped noses from colds, a lotion for baby cradle cap, and even a lice care line (hopefully I never need those ones though). The best part about using Little Green is that us crazy moms can feel good about the products going on our child’s skin. Little Green products are hypoallergenic, made in America, and are animal-cruelty free…safe, gentle and pure.

Try them out! If you do please let me know what you think. I would love to hear your reviews as well!

Little Green: Safe-Gentle-Pure

For more information, and to order Little Green products, here is their website!


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