Lemon Photo Backdrop

What is it about lemons that just scream summer!? They are bright and refreshing, and just make me happy. This photo backdrop definitely makes a statement. Watch the video below for the tutorial!

1. First you need to create the rind of your lemon. Take white poster board & cut it into a circle that fits the size of your fan. Then cut the middle out too, so it looks like a frisbee with center cut out

2. Then take a little yellow spray paint & spray paint around the outside of the white cut out

3. Once the rind of your lemon is dry, you’re going to open up your fan & place the rind around the top of the fan, and hot glue it on

4. Now it’s time to create your seeds. Using a heart stamp -stamp out a bunch of hearts. Then you’re going to take your cut out hearts & cut down the middle of the heart to create a seed shape. 

5. Once you’ve got your seeds start hot gluing them onto the fan in a symmetrical form

6. To make your leaves take some foam sheets & cut it into a leaf shape.

7. Using a pair of scissors just score lines into the leaf to give it some dimension

8. Then start hanging! Hang with mounting tape or tacks!

9. Enjoy your photo opp

I want to see your From Scratch creations! If you make this DIY project be sure to tag me on social and use the hashtag #FromScratchwithMaria. Happy crafting!

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