How to Style The “Lob”


Maria Provenzano


Here is my video tutorial on how to style your “lob” aka long bob! It’s my first tutorial so I hope you find this useful! It’s a little rough, but I


Maria Provenzano

5 Responses to How to Style The “Lob”

  1. Wow! Wish I would have found this sooner. I got my hair chopped in November from having extremely long hair. I could not style it for the life of me. But fortunately for me it’s growing out and past my shoulders 🙂 Yay! Thanks for sharing. Awesome tutorial too!

  2. Great hair and tutorial, thanks for sharing!! I am trying to grow mine out at the moment but I always get to a certain length and go for the chop again so I am sure these tips will come in handy in a couple weeks time 🙂

  3. I cut my super long hair off into this over a year ago, just to find out it totally doesn’t suit me haha. It makes me SO sad because I seriously love it on other people (including you!).

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