HOORRAY! A Social Network For Foodies

Hoorray Food App From Scratch with Maria Provenzano

HOORRAY! A social network for foodies now exists!

I am working with the creators of the new app, Hoorray, to spread the word about a new way to share your love of food. The best way for me to describe this app is a mix between pinterest and your very own food blog. It allows you to collect other people’s recipes who you are following, AND add in your recipes and pictures. It is the best of both worlds.

I’m grateful my blog has been a place for me to document and store recipes I have created, which is my favorite thing to do. Pinterest is also one of my favorite ways to get recipe inspiration! I could spend hours pinning, and pinning, and then dreaming about what I pinned. This app, Hoorray, allows you to be creative with your recipes, post them to share, and collect some other great ones along the way.

Hoorray Food App From Scratch with Maria Provenzano

To top it all off, Hoorray is a network of passionate people that are doing the same thing as you, creating recipes. It is a fun way to share recipes with friends and family. You can also network with people on the app. Being a blogger, I have what I like to call “invisible internet friends.” It sounds hilarious, but in the digital age, I think it’s pretty cool that I can share a recipe with someone in Cleveland, have a connection with someone across the country, and learn a new way to make chocolate chip cookies. It is a fun way to create a network of people who love cooking and baking as much as you do. It’s like Facebook, but with food!

Hoorray is so excited about spreading the word about their app, that they are offering my readers a chance to win a $50 gift card to Williams-Sonoma!!! (One of my favorite places to shop) All you have to do is download the app for FREE, create a profile, leave your user name in the comment section of this post, and follow my profile in the Hoorray app, From Scratch With Maria. You can also email your username to [email protected]. You have until Sunday October 25th to submit! I cannot wait to see what amazing recipes you have to share!

Congrats Alyssa Konesko!! You are the winner!!!

$50 Gift Card Giveaway From Hoorray

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