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 What is it about gold that makes whatever it touches look extra fancy?  I have been on a “gold kick” lately as everyone saw with the #loveyourhome post I did with  I wanted to add a little more gold to my desk area so I thought about doing a gold vase.  Gold paint wouldn’t do the job…I found that out the hard way when I tried painting mason jars one time.  To make a long story somewhat shorter I spend too much time at the craft supply and decided I would experiment with gold foil.  I’m completely obsessed and now I want to put gold foil on everything I own.  It has such an interesting look because it’s fancy, but it’s also vintage and rustic.  I did all this research on how to do it and I will tell you that I saw SO MANY different ways to go about putting gold foil on a number of different items.  I got a kit and decided to wing it.  This was super easy and really fun.  It’s simply putting on the adhesive, carefully attaching the gold, and then sealing it once it dries.  The cool thing about it is that it’s not perfect, pieces fall off, and the gold will fold and crinkle.  That’s what makes it so unique!  I happen to like the broken vintage look, but if you want it completely covered you can just continue to apply more gold overtop of the open pieces.  This is the beginning of a lot of gold foiling…

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Gold Foil Vase

Gold Foil sheets with the recommended adhesive and sealer (this is what I used)

paint brush; one dry one for gluing



*Clean the vase and make sure that it is completely dry

*Apply the adhesive with the paint brush to where you would like the gold to be

*I wanted my gold foil vase to look very vintage, like it was dripping in the gold, so I only did the top 2/3 of it

*Once you have the adhesive on you can carefully remove the sheet of gold foil from the package and apply it to the area you painted the adhesive on

*Do this until it is all covered

*If you have trouble getting the sheet of gold foil off the paper it comes on you can use a dry paint brush to brush it off and that will help

*This gold foil is very fragile and will break, but don’t worry you can reuse the pieces that break off and that is what makes it look beautiful

*Use a dry paint brush to gently press the gold onto the adhesive if you need assistance

*Once you have applied all of your gold let it dry for about 30-45 minutes

*Once it is dry brush off the excess gold with a dry paint brush

*Apply the sealer to the gold foil making sure you cover the entire thing, especially the edges, in a thin layer

*Allow to dry completely

*Place in pretty flowers!

*Once you need to wash this I recommend hand-washing it with gentle soap

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