Gift Wrapping Essentials

Gift Wrapping Essentials From Scratch With Maria

Are you ready for it?? Time for shopping…and gift wrapping.

There are two kinds of people, those who love gift wrapping and those who hate it! If you are a DIYing, crafting, painting, creative person, then I’m going to go ahead and say that you like wrapping gifts. For those of you who don’t, that is OK too! I have the essentials for what both types need.

You have spent all that time and money getting the gift, why not make it pretty? For the DIY lovers, stay tuned, because I will have some gift wrapping inspiration coming soon, but check out what I did last year. For the non-crafters, I suggest buying really pretty wrapping paper, and ribbon. If you can’t even tie a bow…go for a pretty gift bag, and call it a day. Save yourself the stress.

Gift Wrapping Essentials

Gift Wrapping Tape; I think this one is self-explanatory…

Tissue Paper ; If you are using gift bags, it is nice to add some tissue in the bag to make it really pretty. I also like adding tissue into boxed gifts. It adds a special touch, because it is even more fun to unwrap another layer of the gift.

Wrapping Paper Cutter ; I like using this instead of scissors. It cuts the wrapping paper much more smooth, while also making it easier to cut in a straight line.

Gift Tags; This way you don’t have to get cards for every gift, and you don’t have to be tacky, and write with permanent marker on the outside of the gift. That is fine to do if you have a sticky gift tag. I like these kraft paper ones, because you can jazz them up a bit with glitter, or other fun craft items if you are a crafty person. The simplicity of them is really pretty too!

Ribbon; For a finishing touch!

Baker’s Twine; I love the rustic look that baker’s twine creates on a gift. If you aren’t great with tying bows, then this is your answer.

Kraft Paper; I love Kraft paper for wrapping gifts, because it is a blank canvas. It allows you to be really creative by adding your own touch to the overall look. Click here for my DIY gift wrapping ideas from last year.

Wrapping Paper ; Not in the mood to be creative? That’s totally fine!! Buy some pretty wrapping paper, and you are good to go.

Holiday Gift Bags ; I love love LOVE these gift bags from Target. They are by an LA based company called Sugar Paper. I actually did my wedding invitations with them before they became HUGE, and now at Target! They make the cutest items, and Target has a bunch for some really great prices! Get them now!

Gift wrapping from scratch with maria provenzano

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