DIY Wine Cork Magnets

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Oh look…another reason to drink wine!

This has to be one of the easiest DIYs ever. I always keep our leftover wine corks just in case I think of some brilliant idea to reuse them. During my usual weekly stroll through the local craft supply store, I saw a set of magnetic strips and realized I could attach them to the wine corks that have taken up residency in my kitchen. My husband and I always complain that we don’t ever have any magnets for the fridge, but neither of us wanted to do anything about it either. I found our answer.  This easy DIY turned out to be a really practical way to use the corks!

cork magnet

DIY Wine Cork Magnets

wine corks

industrial strength glue

magnetic tape… or whatever magnets you find at the craft supply; these were great since I could cut them down to size


*Make sure the corks are clean and dry

*Work over a protected surface; I like doing this over wax paper to prevent a mess

*Cut the magnetic tape into small pieces; about a half inch

*Place a small amount of glue onto one of the magnetic pieces that are cut

*Place it onto the cork

*I used two of these per cork

*Place the magnet side down on the wax paper and allow to dry completely

*Once dry you can place them on the fridge!

cork magnet 9

cork magnet 8

cork magnet 7

cork magnet 6

cork magnet 4

cork magnet 2

cork magnents 1

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