DIY Watercolor Watermelon Napkins


I cannot get enough watermelon! The pink and green colors of the watermelon are just so pretty, that is what inspired me to decorate with watermelon…again!

I made watercolor napkins last year for Memorial Day, and thought that the softness that the watercolor creates would be great for watermelon napkins. The imperfect softness makes the napkins look whimsical and pretty. The napkins are very easy to do! All you need is paint…and water!

Tips for perfect DIY Watercolor Watermelon Napkins 

*In order to get the desired color, test it on the napkin, then add more water if it’s too dark, and more paint if it is too light

*It’s ok if they are all different! They are homemade!

*Place the napkin on a towel to prevent a mess, and paint color spreading too much

*For the seeds, don’t dip the brush in water. To make them pop a bit more, you don’t want it to be watered-down

*Allow the napkins to dry completely!

DIY Watercolor Watermelon Napkins

DIY Watercolor Watermelon Napkins:


plain white napkins

acrylic craft paint; green, pink, and black

paint brush; I just used the simple foam paint brushes

Water; about 1 cup

Bowl for water/paint mixture; a mason jar works great

Towel; one you aren’t worried about ruining


*Place the white napkin onto the towel

*Measure out where you want the green to be and where you want the pink to be

*In a bowl combine about a 1 cup water and about 2 heaping teaspoons of the desired paint color

*Stir well with a paint brush to combine

*Start by dipping the foam brush in the water and press it along the side of the jar to prevent it from being soaking wet

*Use the foam paint brush to carefully swipe the water and paint mixture over the napkin

*If you want the color to be darker add more paint, if you want it lighter add more water

*The napkin will be pretty damp

*Once you are done; allow the napkin to dry completely; do this by hanging it with a pants hanger with clips for the best (and fastest) results

*Use black paint (do not water it down) to paint on the “seeds”

*Allow to dry

*These can be washed by hand with gentle detergent

DIY Watercolor Watermelon Napkins

DIY Watercolor Watermelon Napkins

DIY Watercolor Watermelon Napkins

DIY Watercolor Watermelon Napkins



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