DIY Valentino Studded Shoes

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Valentino’s shoes are everywhere! Their studded shoes have taken over every fashion bloggers Instagram, and have been so popular that the fashion giant has carried their signature look from the Fall/Winter season into Spring!  Valentino’s ‘studs’ are on everything from their shoes to their bags.  I love these shoes, and since I spend so much time in the craft supply store, I figured I could get this look on my own.  It’s really simple!  I ordered a pair of pointed-toe, flat shoes from Amazon and attached studs with industrial strength glue.  You can find the studs and glue at most craft supply stores (i.e. Michael’s Arts and Crafts).  The only trick to this craft is patience.  In order to prevent the studs from sliding, you will need to hold them in place and allow them to dry.  It’s worth the wait!

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DIY Valentino Studded Shoes

Industrial Strength Glue

Studs; silver or gold



*Place a small dot of glue on the back of the stud and place it onto the shoe


*You could also place a dot of glue onto the shoe in the spaces that you would like the studs to go and then place the stud on the glue… either way works!

*Tilt the shoe to place the studs so that they don’t slide down

*Allow the glue to dry before moving on to a different part of the shoe

*Keep checking to make sure the studs don’t slide

*They should be completely dry within 10-15 minutes

*Allow to sit for an hour or so before wearing

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