DIY Rustic Wood Crate

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 I have officially been bitten by the crafting bug! Trust me, once you start it becomes addicting. I have been seeing beautiful rustic crates at furniture stores recently, and thought I would take on the challenge to make them myself.  My son’s room has a beautiful piece with a changing table attached to the top that we received as a gift from my parents.  It is a white, rustic-yet-chic dresser.  There is a space on top where I keep items like wipes and lotion for my son, and I wanted to make a crate that would match that space without spending tons of money.  I found a plain wood crate at Michael’s Arts and Crafts (also on Amazon), and used that as my canvas.  Gray paint, white paint, and a little sand paper is all you need!

rustic crate 9

This crate would be really pretty in a bathroom to hold towels and flowers as well.

Below is the picture of the crate in my son’s room.

rustic crate 2

DIY Rustic Wood Crate

1 wood crate; sizes will vary depend on where you are looking to put it

acrylic white paint; I used Martha Stewart’s “Wedding Cake”

acrylic gray paint; I used Martha Stewart’s “Lake Fog”


paint brush


*Paint the wood crate with the gray paint; two coats

*Once the gray paint has dried for about 10 minutes, lightly apply a coat of the white paint

*Brush the white paint on so that there are areas where you can still see gray

*Allow to dry completely

*Once dry use the piece of sandpaper to scratch up the surface of the crate

*Make sure to focus on area where natural wearing would occur, like the corners

*Brush off the dust the sandpaper has created

rustic crate 17

rustic crate 16

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rustic crate 5

rustic crate 1
rustic crate 10

rustic crate 12

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