DIY Reindeer Vases

DIY Reindeer Vases

How adorable are these DIY Reindeer Vases?!? I love decorating with flowers any time of the year, but Christmas is extra special. Fake or real, I have flowers everywhere in my house. This DIY idea came to me when I saw a unicorn vase with the lashes and thought that the reindeer would look adorable all dolled up as well.

This craft would be a great idea for a “girls night!” I think it’s fun to have something to do when you get your friends together, and sometimes it is a great excuse to plan a wine night. Even for you “non-crafty” friends, this one is simple enough for everyone. If you want to do these with the kids, they could do fun and playful faces for the reindeer with foam sheets to practice some creative freedom.


  • Vase
  • Antlers
  • Flowers
  • Foam Paper
  • Glue Dots
  • Felt Pom Pom
  • Scissors
  • Spray Paint/Faux Snow
  • Twine
  • Foam

Directions for White Faux Snow Reindeer Steps:

1. Place smaller vase into larger vase.
2. Fill area between bigger vase and smaller vase with faux snow.
3. Attach antlers by taping to each side, then secure them in place by wrapping twine around the top of the vase.
4. To create ears, draw shape into foam paper, cut out. Make slit at bottom of ears and glue together, making them look 3D. Glue onto antlers.
5. To create the eyes, draw shape onto foam paper and cut out. Glue eyes into place. Next, glue pom pom nose onto vase. Add flowers to smaller vase.

Directions for Brown Reindeer Steps:

1. Spray paint vase (you might need to do multiple coats).
2. Let dry for one hour.
3. Add foam to inside of vase, then slip in antlers.
4. Attach ears to antlers.
5. Add flowers and push them into foam.
6. Glue on eyes and nose.

DIY Reindeer Vases

DIY Reindeer Vases DIY Reindeer Vases

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