DIY Pineapple Lamp

DIY Pineapple Lamp

Pineapples just make me so happy!!! Aren’t they such a happy fruit? I feel like, if you add a pineapple to a situation that it instantly becomes special. Drinks, food, crafts, you name it, pineapples make it more fun.

Enter…pineapple lamp…

The base of this DIY Pineapple Lamp is a soda bottle, and I know what you are thinking…soda bottle and heat?? Yes, I know, but I have thought this through. First, you want to make sure to have a LOW WATT LIGHT BULB! Then, you want to get a chandelier lamp shade for the base. What you do is cut the shade off and you will have (what I believe is called) a flame clip. Leave some of the fabric on the clip so that when the soda bottle sits on it, then it is on the fabric, not the metal. This will prevent too much heat from getting through to the plastic.

When attaching the first layer of spoons, make sure to add the hot glue to the spoon (not the bottle) and then let it cool a little before attaching it to the bottle. If it is too hot, it will melt and bevel the plastic. Then, when you are layering the spoons, don’t glue them to the bottle, glue the spoons to the other spoons and work your way up to the top.

Lastly….this is a decoration!! It is for fun! If you are trying to light up an entire room, this is not the lamp to do it. This is to add a little shine and fun decor to a room.

Enjoy!!! (video coming soon)

DIY Pineapple Lamp

  • 2-liter plastic soda bottle
  • plastic spoons
  • glue gun
  • small lamp
  • yellow spray paint
  • green foam sheets
  • chandelier shade (these are clip on shades)
  • low watt LED light bulb
  • wire cutters, or something similar to cut the plastic spoons


· Cut the 2-liter bottle to the size you would like your pineapples

· Cut the top of the bottom to remove the spout so that the hole at the top is larger

· Lay out the spoons facing down and spray paint the backs of them yellow

· Allow to dry completely

· Once dry, cut the handles of the spoons off with the wire cutters

· Start applying the spoons to the bottom of the bottle, using minimal glue

· Work your way up to the top

· Cut the green paper to create the top of the pineapple and glue it around the hole at the top, making sure to leave the hole at the top open

· Cut the fabric off of the chandelier shade, leaving only the clip

· Place the clip over the light

· Place the pineapple over the clip

DIY Pineapple Lamp

DIY Pineapple Lamp

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  1. How many green foam sheets did you use for this project and did you free hand the leaves or is there a template that can be used to create the leaves and center? Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah! I cut one large foam sheet into the leaf shapes. I would buy at least two sheets of the large foam sheets for safety. They usually only cost about a dollar. I don’t remember the exact number of leaves I made, since I didn’t use a template, you can use as many as you like depending on the sizes that are cut. I just freehanded the leaves because that way I could customize the sizes to what I needed. I made large ones first, and then filled with the smaller ones. I hope this helps, please let me know if you have more questions!

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