DIY Ombre Hamper

DIY Ombre Hamper

Repurposing has become a new challenge for me! Any time I think about throwing something away, I try and think if there is any way I can reuse it in a new way. I’m pretty sure it drives my husband crazy, since I think he wishes I would throw out most of my craft supplies. I simply told him, we need a bigger storage space for craft supplies, he disagreed!

Besides marriage bliss, I think repurposing is great for saving money, and testing creativity. I had a plain white hamper that was in my son’s nursery. When babies are little, they tell you to wash their clothes separately, and with a gentle detergent, so this means you want to keep their clothes in their own space, so that you don’t have to sort them later. This plain white hamper was very useful for the first couple years of my son’s life, but now that he is a crazy (and smelly) toddler, I wish his clothes with ours! This leaves me with an unused hamper!

I still love anything and everything ombre, from hair to décor, and that was my inspiration for this hamper. I wanted to create a girlie DIY ombre hamper that was so adorable that it could be for a nursery, but so chic that it could work for an adult. I chose pink, but you can really do this with any color you like. You can make it simple subtle, or bright and fun. I finished it off with a faux flower to make it a little extra girlie and special.

Full tutorial on CraftBox Girls here! 

DIY Ombre Hamper



DIY Ombre Hamper DIY Ombre Hamper

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