DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping Maria Provenzano

Gift wrapping is one of my favorite ways to craft!  I get overly excited to give gifts to people so this time of year is really fun for me.  Brown Kraft paper is such a perfect blank canvas to start with for any holiday or celebration.  It’s simple yet elegant and gives you so much freedom to be creative.  This year I used white paint and gold paint to make large polka dots.  I like mixing rustic twine with pretty ribbon.  My favorite part of what I did this year was the cinnamon sticks and snowy rosemary detail.  I used them as gift tags and decoration additions.  You can use tree trimmings instead of rosemary if that is what you have around.  There are also a couple items that make gift wrapping a bit easier.  I like using the Scotch paper cutter for cutting wrapping paper.  It cuts a smooth line so much nicer and faster than scissors PLUS its safer if you have kids around.  I also like using double sided tape because that way you can’t see any tape which makes it look really clean and professional.  If you haven’t already, please check out mine and my sisters holiday magazine The Nice List for more holiday inspiration and gift ideas!

(Here is my tutorial for the snowy gift tags!)

Gift wrapping Maria Provenzano


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Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping

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