DIY Gift Wrapping for Valentine’s Day

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 When the holidays are over I always look forward to the next time I am going to be able to wrap gifts.  Besides the fact that Valentine’s Day is way too much fun…I mean it’s a day dedicated to eating chocolate, getting flowers, and wearing as much pink as possible…it’s also a reason to get creative and buy something for the people you love.  I made these really fun burlap heart headbands and since I went a little paint-crazy I made too many hearts so I thought it would be fun to use them on gift tags and wrapping paper.  It’s an east way to make gifts look extra special.  I love starting with brown kraft paper as a blank canvas and using my imagination.  These are 4 simple wrapping ideas!

DIY gift wrapping for Valentine’s Day

Pink Painted Hearts

*Wrap the box with brown kraft paper

*Use a small paint brush to paint on small pink hearts; I used Martha Stewart acrylic craft paint

*Then I wrapped it with pretty red ribbon.  Normally I suggest using tulle or wired ribbon, but this frilly ribbon was too pretty not to use.

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 Red Twine and Burlap Heart Gift Tags

*Wrap the box in brown kraft paper

*Tie a white (or any color) ribbon around the top

*Wrap some red and white baker’s twine around for more of a rustic look

*Attach one of the burlap hearts to a gift tag (use either glue or tape) and tie onto the twine

vday wrapping 10

 Burlap Hearts and Twine

*Wrap the box in brown kraft paper

*Wrap the top and bottom with brown twine

*Attach the burlap hearts with either glue or tape

vday wrapping 7

 Giant Red Pom Pom Heart

*Wrap the box in brown kraft paper

*Attach a bunch of red pom poms onto the box to make a heart shape using a glue gun

*Tie the top with tulle or wired ribbon

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