Conversation Heart Cakes for Valentine’s Day

Conversation Heart Cakes for Valentine's Day

Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is almost here!? I am such a sucker for all things pink and heart-shaped, so I am extremely happy.

If you are looking for something adorable and sweet (and easy) to make for Valentine’s Day, then you need to make these Conversation Heart Cakes. Even if you aren’t a great baker, you can make these. I cover the cake with candy coating chocolate to evenly cover the cakes. Then, they will harden, and you can write whatever you like on them. The trick to making the chocolate really pourable is to add a little bit of coconut oil to it while before melting it in the microwave.

I love using a good buttercream recipe for the writing on these. If you need a recipe, mine is {here}.

Scroll down for the video tutorial!

Conversation Heart Cakes for Valentine's Day

Conversation Heart Cakes for Valentine’s Day


1. Use your favorite cake to cut out hearts, using a heart-shaped cookie cutter. (Use big enough heart cookie cutter that will allow enough room for writing

2. Place hearts in fridge to harden.

OPTIONAL: Cut hearts in half and put frosting in the middle and sandwich the two halves together. You can also frost the edges as a crumb coat to guarantee smooth edges.

3. Melt chocolate coated candies and add coconut oil to create a thinner consistency.

4. Take out heart cakes from fridge, and drip melted chocolate over the hearts.

NOTE: Use a cooling rack placed on a sheet tray to place heart cakes on, so that there is a place for the chocolate drippings to pool.

5. Place chocolate covered hearts on a sheet tray lined with wax paper, and place in fridge to cool

6. Take out of fridge and pipe on “conversations” with your favorite frostings.


Conversation Heart Cakes for Valentine's Day

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