Candy Corn Halloween Headbands

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I can’t even handle the cuteness!! I borrowed my friend’s adorable little girl to be my model for these really fun Candy Corn Halloween Headbands!! Since I have a little boy that I can’t play dress up with I’m so happy I can with little Elle.  These are so perfect for Halloween.  I can’t tell you how many moms have said to me that they don’t know what to dress up in for all of their kid’s halloween parties and events and how many friends try to figure out what to wear to work for Halloween.  Here is a good start!  This is a way to dress up without really being dressed up.  If you have a little girl this is a cute way to dress her up as well.  Elle, my little model in the picture above, her mom told me that she heard that you can make headbands out of nylons/tights and they are much softer on babies heads.  She was right!! You can cut the nylons/tights as thin or thick as you want.  For this look I went with a thicker band.

I love the look of candy corn as you know from my burlap banner and cookie bouquet.  I got this idea because I had so much extra burlap from the Candy Corn Burlap Banner that I was trying to think of other ways to use it.  This is even easier than the banner.  I simply paint the candy corn on the piece of burlap, let it dry, cut it out and glue it onto a bow!  I recommend using a glue gun for this… I didn’t try it with regular glue, but if you try it with regular glue let me know!!  The best part about these headbands is that they are so cute you can be ANY AGE and wear it for Halloween.

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Candy Corn Halloween Headbands:

*amounts will depend on how many you want to make*

a sheet of burlap

Orange, Yellow, and White Paint; check out my banner post for the ones I like; if using this with/for children it’s a good idea to use non-toxic paint

scissors; preferably fabric scissors

paint brush; a foam brush is fine!


a glue gun

black headbands; you can find these at a craft store


nylons/tights if you are making a little girl’s headband

How To:

*Paint a triangle onto the burlap using the white paint

*Follow by painting with the orange and the yellow to make it look like a candy corn

*I like to make the entire triangle white first so that I am sure what size I am going to have

*Allow to dry completely

*Cut the shape out using fabric scissors

*Fabric scissors can be found at any craft supply… they are just scissors that you use for fabric only because it keeps them from getting worn which make for a cleaning cut on fabrics so that it won’t rip

*Use your ribbon to make as many small bows as you like; I like to double mine up sometimes for a different look (see pictures)

*Use a glue gun in the middle of the bow to attach them together

*Place glue on the middle of the top bow and place the burlap candy corn onto the bow where you would like it

*Allow to dry

*Using the glue gun place a little glue on the headband where you want the bow to be placed; I like it on the side

*Place your burlap candy corn bow onto the glue

*Allow to dry

*If you are making a baby headband then all you need to do is cut a pair of nylons (the length will depend on the size of the baby’s head); these do stretch a lot but measure around your baby’s head first so it’s not too tight or too loose

*Place a ribbon around the nylon where you are going to place the bow and use a glue gun to keep it in place (see pictures)

*Place a little glue from the glue gun where you would like the bow and place it on the band

*Allow to dry completely

*For an older girl you can also place some glue on a hair pin then place the burlap candy corn on the hair pin (see pictures)

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candy corn hair

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candy corn hair
This is a picture of a double bow

candy corn hair 7

candy corn hair
If you are going to use a hair pin it’s a good idea to use parchment paper in the middle to prevent it from sticking together.
candy corn hair
This is the picture of the ribbon around the nylon before I glue the bow on it.

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candy corn hair

candy corn hair

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