Burlap Candy Corn DIY

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I love how fun candy corn looks! It makes everything feel more like fall.  I have to admit that I don’t actually eat it… I’m not really a “candy” person… BUT I think it’s so cute and I love to decorate with it.  How fun is this candy corn burlap banner?!?  Burlap has that rustic beautifully messy look to it, and I will tell you that it is a bit messy so I recommend doing all of your cutting outside! I was really excited to find the time to use my new Martha Stewart paints and get a DIY Halloween decoration done ahead of time.  This doesn’t have to be used as a banner though.  You can use these are fun decorations for anything because you can really make them any size.  A mini burlap candy corn gift tag would be adorable on a Halloween gift!

I bought a large sheet of burlap from Amazon and simply cut it into the size that I wanted.  Starting out with 3×5 inch rectangles and then cut the tops of them so they looked like a rounded triangle… like a candy corn.  If you can find precut burlap that is great too but it’s not necessary.  Something else that will make crafting (and gift wrapping for that matter) much easier is a pair of fabric scissors.  These aren’t anything special but scissors from the craft supply that are used specifically for fabric.  I get asked from so many people how to make ribbons look nice for gift wrapping and this is a major factor.  I like to label my scissors and keep them with all of my ribbons.  You can use ribbon instead of twine in this… change it up to make it work for you!

Burlap Candy Corn

22 pieces of burlap fabric cut into 3 by 5 inch rectangles

White, Orange and Yellow paint (If you are using Martha Stewart I used Wedding Cake, Carrot, and Chamomile)

a roll of twine

scissors (I like using sharp fabric scissors)

a paint brush; nothing too fancy you can use a foam brush


*Cut the 3 by 5 inch rectangles into a rounded “triangle” so that it looks like candy corn!

*Set up a table outside, or a well ventilated room, lined with wax paper or newspaper

*Use your brush to paint all of the “triangles” white at the top

*Then paint the middle orange

*And paint the largest part at the bottom yellow

*These do not have to be perfect but I do try to make all of the candy corn look the same

*I like to go back in with my brush and make sure the colors are blended at the line where they meet

*Allow to dry

*If you are using newspaper make sure to remove the burlap before it dries otherwise it can stick to the paper.  You can just keep lifting the pieces to make sure they aren’t sticking in the drying process.

*Once dry (an hour or so later) use the fabric scissors to cut around the outside of the burlap candy corn to make the sides look nice and smooth because it can get slightly messy in the painting process

*Use the scissors to cut small slits in the corners of the widest part of the candy corn

*Thread a piece of twine through the slit of one candy corn into a slit in another

*Make sure to layer one candy corn over the other so that it looks nice

*Tie the twine into a small bow

*You can use all 22 pieces for a large banner or just make a few small burlap candy corns for a small banner

*I just use tape on the back of the burlap to make sure it sticks nicely to whatever it is that I am attaching it to

candy corn burlap

candy corn burlap 13

candy corn burlap 12

candy corn burlap 11

candy corn burlap 10

candy corn burlap 9

candy corn burlap

candy corn burlap

candy corn burlap

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  1. I have a huge roll of burlap from my home=business and was wondering what to do with some it before I trash it. This craft is perfect!

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