Black Pumpkins with Gold Glitter

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I love all of the fall colors especially orange BUT I had gold glitter in my craft supplies just staring at me so I couldn’t help myself… I had to do a girlie glitter pumpkin! I’m loving black and gold together for fall as well so I thought that these would look so cute together.  I also had some chalkboard paint so I figured why not try to write on the pumpkin too?!?  This was a fun experiment for me that I wanted to share because it turned out to be a really pretty Halloween decoration.  It’s so easy! If you are looking for a last minute way to decorate your pumpkins (besides carving) this is a perfect idea.  All you do is paint, glue, and glitter!

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Black Pumpkins with Gold Glitter

**The amounts will depend on how many pumpkins you plan on painting**

Pumpkins; try to find ones with good stems

wax paper (or newspaper)

Black Paint OR Chalkboard Paint

foam paint brush

glue; I like using glitter glue

gold glitter (or color of choice)

How To: 

*Clean and dry pumpkins completely

*Place pumpkins on wax paper; if you don’t have wax paper then you can use newspaper but it could stick

*Paint one coat of black or chalkboard paint onto the pumpkins leaving the top part out if you plan on using the glitter (see pictures)

*Let dry completely

*Paint a second coat of paint and let dry completely

*If the pumpkin isn’t fully covered you can do a third coat of black paint

*Allow to dry completely; leaving it overnight to dry if you can

*Paint the tops of the pumpkins with the glitter glue covering the entire surface

*If you want it to have that “dripping” looks make sure to place the glue where you would like the glitter to be

*While the glue is wet pour the glitter over the glue on the pumpkin

*I like to do this over a large bowl because it will keep all the glitter from getting all over the place AND it makes it easy to scoop it up and reuse what glitter didn’t stick

*Pour over lots of glitter to make sure the glue on the top of the pumpkin is fully covered

*Shake to remove excess glitter

*Allow to dry completely

*Then you should be able to lightly write with chalk on the pumpkins if  you used chalkboard paint

*I recommend if you are going to write on it to use buff the piece of chalk on the sidewalk because it will go on the pumpkin smoother and have less risk of scratching the paint off

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