Bandana and Burlap Patriotic Wreath

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Am I the only one who HAS to have a themed wreath for every holiday and season?? If you are like me, then we should be friends, because I am obsessed. When I was growing up my mom had wreaths on display for everything! Apparently it rubbed off.

When I was thinking of what I wanted to do for the 4th of July I had a brilliant idea that bandanas and burlap were the perfect combination. I did a really fun segment on The Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show with some other decorations (link here, and here) that will go with these.

Bandanas and burlap are two easy items to find. You should be able to get them online or at the craft supply (aka Michael’s Arts and Crafts).

bandana flag

What you need:

Red and Blue Bandanas; about 3 each for the wreath

A roll of burlap ribbon

Scissors; preferably fabric

foam wreaths; you can find these at the craft supply store


*Fold the bandana in half and cut about 1 inch wide strips

*Cut the burlap to the same length; if you have wide burlap ribbon, usually it can be cut into thirds to be around the same size as the bandana

*Wrap a red strip of bandana around the wreath and double knot it (pictures below)

*Follow with a burlap strip, then blue… and repeat!

bandana flag

bandana flag

bandana flag
bandana wreath

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