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A wood pallet is a perfect blank slate for a number of different projects. When I was putting together crafts for my Memorial Day segment for Home and Family I came across a plain wood pallet (on sale) at Michael’s Arts and Crafts. There are plenty of different ways to paint this, but I liked the idea of a rustic/chic look of the wood pallet as an American Flag.

This is an easy DIY that makes for a cute, patriotic themed decoration!

American Flag Wood Pallet:

wood pallet; you can get these in a number of different places; Michael’s Arts and Crafts usually has them, sometimes you can get them from a home repair store, and Amazon

red, white, and blue paint; I like Martha Stewart craft paint

paint brushes; I like using foam for the large parts and a small regular paint brush for the stars

sand paper; optional


*Apply a thin layer of white paint over the entire pallet

*Allow to dry

*Section off an area that will be the blue part with white stars

*Paint the blue square/rectangle depending on the size of the pallet

*Paint the pallet strips red and the others white; I like to make it look rustic and not-so-perfect by mixing a bit of white into the red paint

*Once painted you can do a second coat if needed depending on the look you are going for

*Allow to dry

*You can scrape the pallet with sand paper to give it more of a rustic look; optional

*Make sure to brush off excess paint that would have come off from the sand paper

flag pallet 6

flag pallet

flag pallet
flag pallet

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