American Flag Watercolored Napkins


watercolor napkins


Watercolor Napkins


White cotton napkins

Non-toxic acrylic paint; red, white, and blue

Paint brush; one small foam brush, one small paint brush

Water; about 1 cup

Bowl for water/paint mixture; a mason jar works great

Towel; one you aren’t worried about ruining


*Place the white napkin onto the towel

*In a bowl combine about a 1 cup water and about 2 heaping teaspoons of the desired paint color

*Stir well with a paint brush to combine

*Start by dipping the foam brush in the water and press it along the side of the jar to prevent it from being soaking wet

*Use the foam paint brush to carefully swipe the water and paint mixture over the napkin

*If you want the color to be darker add more paint, if you want it lighter add more water

*Swipe the watercolor with the brush in as perfect or imperfect lines as you like

*The napkin will be pretty damp

*Once you are done; allow the napkin to dry completely; do this by hanging it with a pants hanger with clips for the best (and fastest) results

*Once the napkin is dry (anywhere from 1-8 hours), use the small paint brush to freehand paint white stars onto the blue water-colored napkin; optional

*These can be washed by hand with gentle detergent

watercolor napkins

watercolor napkins

watercolor napkins

watercolor napkins

watercolor napkins

burlap mason jar

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