Active Advent Calendar With A DIY Christmas Wood Pallet

Active Advent Calendar With A DIY Christmas Wood Pallet

This year we are changing up the advent calendar!

Advent calendars can be so much more than opening a cut out window from a box, and taking out the piece of chocolate, to countdown the days till Christmas. I always loved doing that when I was growing up! My sister and I would search for the perfect advent calendar, and display it in our room. What I realize, now as an “adult,” is it was more about the memory we were creating, then the actual act of getting a piece of chocolate to eat.

This year I wanted to change it up, and bring YOU something fun to do this holiday season with an Active Advent Calendar! Each day is paired with a word on the advent calendar for you to take a picture of, and post on your favorite social media platform. Use the hashtag #ChristmasFromScratch when you share your picture, and see what other people are posting.

THEN, when the season is over, you can get all of the pictures printed out.  For a really cool Polaroid look, you can get your pictures printed through a company called PhotoLove. Simply go to their site, link your social account, and order whatever pictures you like! It is a really great way to preserve your December memories.


Large Wood Pallet 

Paint; I used green and white

Paint brush

Gift Tags 


Clothes Pins 

Ruler and pencil


*Apply an even coat of white paint on the pallet

*Allow to dry and apply another coat

*Apply another coat if needed

*Use the ruler on the top of the pallet find the center; mark with the pencil

*Either draw the tree with the pencil and paint over it with the green paint, or freehand the tree design with the paint brush and green paint

*Allow to dry

*Secure a strand of twine onto the pallet with tape, glue, or tacks

*Write out the Active Advent Calendar onto each gift tag for each one of the days leading up to Christmas

*Attach each gift tag to the twine with one of the small clothes pins

*Each day open the gift tag for that day, and take a picture with your phone of what is written for that day, and post onto your favorite social media platform! You can also get these printed at the end of the season from a company called PhotoLove. They take your social shares, and print them out to look like Polaroid pictures. It is a great way to preserve your holiday memories!

Active Advent Calendar With A DIY Christmas Wood Pallet

Active Advent Calendar With A DIY Christmas Wood Pallet

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