A Golden Year! New Years Eve 2015 DIY Decor

nye15 maria provenzano

 I love New Years Eve!  It’s such a good reason to get overdressed and drink cocktails.   It’s also a reminder that each year we can start out fresh, set new goals, and gives us an excuse to kiss someone at midnight.  Generally we all wake up with a hangover and may or may not regret that midnight kiss, BUT it’s a new year!

New Years is also an excuse to use as much glitter as you want.  I did a really fun gold and black pumpkin that everyone loved during Halloween.  It gave me an idea for how to get my New Years decorations going.  There are a few simple ways to decorate without having to go buy expensive decorations.  I coated wine bottles with glitter, tied them with pretty bows, and topped them with a black balloon.  I also used gold tissue paper, that you would normally use to wrap gifts, to make a golden backdrop for my drink table.  Then there are the drinks… I decided to perfect some classics this year.  The detail I am so excited to share…these really fun and beautiful printables that were designed by Jamie Lynne Creative!  Her work speaks for itself and she was nice enough to design these printables for my NYE shoot AND make them FREE PRINTABLES for all of my readers (links below).

nye15 maria provenzano

Jamie Lynne Creative Printables

NYE_Best Is Yet to Come

NYE_Bar Sign

NYE_Drink Stirrers


For the drinks I was inspired by some classics!

Here’s the tutorial on how to make them


Gold Tissue Backdrop

You can use these for streamers, to decorate doorways, or as a backdrop for your drink table/dessert table!  As you can see in the pictures it’s only a few steps.  Take one sheet of gold tissue paper, cut it in half lengthwise.  Take that one half and follow the lines that are already there to fold it.  Then, fold it in half and cut the side with the open ends (not the side that is closed).  Cut in about 3/4 of the way. Then, lengthen back out to it’s regular size.  Repeat with the other half of the tissue paper and then simply tape the ends together to make a long streamer.  I taped them onto my wall as the backdrop for my drink table.

gold garland

Gold Glitter Wine Bottles

You can do these with empty wine bottles for a pretty decoration!  These are very simple, but make a huge statement.  All you need to do is cover the wine bottle in mod podge and then pour a generous amount of glitter over it!  Allow it to dry completely.  If your coating of glitter isn’t enough, once the bottle is dry you can do another layer of mod podge topped with glitter and it will look even more beautiful.  The best way to make sure glitter doesn’t get all over the place is to do one last coat of mod podge over the finished bottle and allow it to dry completely.  This step is not necessary, but will prevent the glitter from getting everywhere.  I like to tie it with a pretty black bow.  I recommend getting ribbon with wire in it so that it can hold it’s shape nicely.

To add more height I topped them off with a black balloon by simply taping it into the mouth of the bottle.

gold bottles

nye15 6

nye15 1

nye15 41

nye15 la marca

nye15 9




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